#1- If Charged With a DUI, Get
a DUITrial Attorney Fast...

Because immediate action by a
Trial Attorney might keep your
record clean, keep you out of jail.

A master DUI Trial Attorney will question and may challenge every aspect of your charge, including:

  • The legality of your stop.
  • Process & method of your interrogation.
  • Breathalyzer/ field sobriety tests.
  • Inaccurate blood tests.
  • Failure to inform you of your rights.

There are many technicalities that might affect your case. Time is critical to identify and contest them if they exist.

A DUI Trial Attorney - hired immediately after your arrest, could make a powerful difference in the outcome of your case.

Trial Attorney representation at your
bond/ pre-trial hearing could prevent
your situation from getting worse. Your driving privileges might be preserved (might save your job), and your bond lowered, saving you money.

DUI arrests involve complex technical,
legal issues. If your rights were violated,
your case could be dismissed outright!

#2- Here’s How a Trial Attorney Gives You an Edge

All DUI lawyers are not equal. Your
best chance for success may hinge
on hiring a DUI Trial Attorney.

Most DUI lawyers don't do trials!
Known as “Plea Specialists," They
have little (if any) trial experience. Deal-making specialists, “pleading"
cases... fast turnover, more profits.

"Plea Specialists" aren't Trial Attorneys.
Trial Attorneys actually do trials.

The Prosecutor in your case will
know if your lawyer is a Trial
. That's because you've put
him on notice there's a real threat
of a trial in a contested hearing.

Prosecutors don’t want to go to trial.
Most want to negotiate quick “pleas.”
They don’t want to lose- or take
unreasonable risks- of losing a trial.

Your Trial Attorney could be your ace
in the hole,
because a “Plea Specialist”
can’t play the "trial card”. It’s not an
option, and the Prosecutor knows it.

Be smart, choose smart. A DUI conviction could ruin your life. A Trial Attorney
might be your life saving advantage.

#3- Don’t Make A Mistake and
Hire the Wrong Attorney!

Think about it. The Courts can go
hard on you- very hard. Don't cut
corners on your Attorney!

Trial Attorneys are a rare breed;
Street fighters of the legal world.
Trained in court room persuasion,
logic, and the aggressive pursuit of
client's rights and best interests.

In your defense, the mindset of
a Trial Attorney is combat, war!

"Plea Specialist" thinks- "efficient."
When your back's against the wall,
you want (and need) a fighter!

Everyone knows hiring the best
lawyer who will take your case is
an investment in yourself.

Of course, not every case goes to
trial. However, you deserve a
quality,Trial Attorney who has
your back. Not some guy in a suit
who doesn't know how to do a trial.

Don't make another mistake, cover all
your bases. Rest easy. Be Protected.

Let's face it. When arrested, you need
every edge you can get. You owe it to
yourself to speak with aTrial Attorney.

City of Chicago & all Suburbs

Attorney Dave Corbett

DUI Criminal Trial Attorney Specialist

"Corbett's Not Just Another Pretty
Face Lawyer in a Sharp Suit..."

Corbett’s a Trial Attorney leader, a DUI defense specialist.

His legal practice is about you, fighting for your rights.

Many know him as "The DUI Man," because he's helped
thousands of clients acheive their best possible outcomes.

Since 1989, he's had a track record of success and legal

Attorney Corbett represents clients primarily in Cook County,
Suburban Cook County and surrounding areas: including
DuPage, Lake and McHenry Counties.

Why Choose Corbett?

Corbett's a born warrior. A fighter.

"Trial is war... you need a warrior."

Attorney Dave Corbett has earned his reputation as "The
DUI Man," from his ruthless, single minded defense of his
client's best interests.

Corbett's DUI case dismissal and charge reduction rate
is extraordinary.

Corbett is a Trial Attorney who's been lead counsel in
more than 150 trials

Most DUI cases are resloved without having to go to trial.
However, there is no guarantee the Prosecutor in your case
will agree and see your case as you do. You might not be be
offered a resolution you can live with.

If you're not being treated fairly by the Prosecutor, you may
need to go to trial. If you don't have a Trial Attorney in your
corner, that may not be a viable option.

Prosecutors conform their cases to the demands of the
legal system and their personal careers. Often, these are at
odds with you getting a fair resolution without trial, or the
real threat of a trial.

  • Beating your charges may hinge on Corbett
    taking immediate action on your case.
  • Tough, Fast & Aggressive - Once hired, Corbett
    will immediately challenge every aspect of your
    charge, and take all appropriate legal action
    necessary to fully protect your rights.
  • Pre- Trial /Bond Hearing - Corbett will represnt
    you at your pre-trial and bond hearing. Fast
    action could preserve your license, lower your
    bond, maybe even save your job.
  • 27 Years Courtroom Experience - Nothing they
    throw at you can’t be handled.
  • Personal Attention to Your Case - This isn’t just
    your scrape with the law. IT IS OUR CASE.
    Corbett, not some just out-of-law-school
    associate will be right there with you.
  • No Cost Baiting or Hidden Charges - Upfront,
    you’ll know all your costs and payment terms.
  • You’ll Never Be in the Dark - You’ll always know
    what’s going on with your case. Your questions
    and phone calls will be answered promptly.
  • Credit Cards Accepted - Affordable payment
    plans may be arranged.
  • Se Habla Español - We speak Hebrew.


  • Corbett's a past chairman of the Northwest
    Suburban Bar Association Criminal Law

  • Corbett's a published,legal author.He wrote
    "Chapter: Search and Seizure in Illinois DUI
    Cases"- Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal
    Education (IICLE) 2014 Edition.
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City of Chicago & all Suburbs

27 Years
Trial Attorney Since 1989
Defended 1,657+ Clients
#1 Focus
DUI Defense Trial Attorney
Questions to Ask
Your Attorney
Be A Smart Consumer!
Ask Your Potential DUI
Attorney These Questions:
  • Are you a Trial Attorney?
  • In private practice, have you tried 20 trials as lead counsel?
  • If yes, how many of those trials have you won?
  • Do you specialize in DUI defense?
  • Will you be the Attorney who represents
    me in court?
  • What will be my total defense cost?
    Any hidden fees?
  • When, and how will I hear from you as my case moves forward
What Clients Say About Attorney Corbett

“Corbett was outstanding. Beat my charges stone cold. saved my life... worked out a payment plan I could afford... Thank you, God bless you, Dave Corbett!”

Vernon L.

Hoffman Estates, IL

“They tried to steamroll me. Attorney Corbett took my case to trial and won... He's The DUI Man!"

Brian R.

Rolling Meadows, IL

“Dave Corbett got my DUI dismissed. Thrown right out of court.”

M. Khan

Hanover Park, IL

City of Chicago & all Suburbs

The importance of choosing the right DUI Attorney cannot be emphasized enough.

Most DUI Attorneys don't actually try cases. They're known as "plea specialists." DUI Trial Attorneys try cases in court. They're the toughest, most persuasive and highly trained, experienced attorneys- dedicated to fighting for their clients.

Because Prosecutors and Judges hold Trial Attorneys with special respect, a Defense Trial Attorney could be your edge to beat your charges, or reduce the severity and penalities. Prosecutors don't want to go to trial. They never want to lose a case. Hiring a Trial Attorney gives you the clear advantage- the option of a trial ( or the real threat) if you're not being treated fairly. A DUI "plea specialist" can't play that card. You owe it to yourself to speak with a real Trial Attorney before you hire anyone.

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